Now that barbecue season is upon us, I get to experiment with an array of burger recipes.  The ingredient combinations are limitless. The challenge lies not only in creating mouth-watering, lip smacking taste sensations but also in making sure the patty is cohesive enough to withstand the rigors of a grill.  If opposed to grilling, as some are due to toxins, then baking in an oven works fine too.  And as luck would have it, this patty is for oven cooking only (okay…it did not stand up to the rigors of grilling)!

This burger was so good, it was difficult to stick with just one serving. My husband and I ate them four nights in a row.

So I suppose you are thinking, what’s the miss part of this story?  Well, I’m not one for writing things down (funny that I started a blog).  So, other than black beans, I have no idea what I used for ingredients. Hee, hee….I did indicate in my About the Blog page that I would include my misses! This is an unfortunate blunder.  Will I be able to recreate this black bean beauty?  Stay tuned….