Today, I am proud to announce a new section to the blog.  My Husband, a very funny guy, will be bringing to life his experiences as the husband of a vegan by way of this forum.  I don’t know what he has in mind for articles but I do know you won’t want to miss his take on what a vegan life is like!

Also, I want to wish my Husband, Dad and all the Fathers out there a very Happy Father’s Day! My daughter and I are lucky to have some great guys in our lives and we appreciate all that they are.

And now on to The Vegan Husband

On a recent episode of Jeopardy, Alex Trebek was chatting with a contestant about a bet she made with her father when she was twelve years old.  To win the wager, one of them would have to eat a vegetarian diet for a month.

“So,” Alex said, “I guess you won the bet.  You’ve been a vegetarian now for twenty years.”

“Vegan,” the contestant corrected. Then, in a hushed tone reserved for admitting “I’m a witch” or “I’m a conservative”, she leaned in to add, “One of those.”

The game show host immediately defused the situation by muttering something like, “Hey, as long as you’re happy” but we know what she meant, don’t we?

It’s hard for main stream society to believe that someone would opt for a vegan way of eating of their own free will. Vegan?  No ham at Easter?  No turkey at Thanksgiving?  Why would anyone choose to eat that way?

It’s one thing if Stan has a heart attack and is forced to change his eating habits, maybe give up smoking.  We can get our heads around that.  We can empathize.  “Did you see what Stan had for lunch today?  A salad, five carrot sticks, and  water.  Poor bastard!”

I worked with a woman whose husband had prostate cancer.  His oncologist believed that there was a direct link between red meat and cancer so the doctor advised him to change his diet drastically.  After eating meat all his life, it was a struggle planning their weekly menu.  He went into remission but wouldn’t allow himself anything more meaty than a slice of turkey bacon.

But doesn’t it all come down to choices?  Just as an obese person can continue eating donuts or a person with emphysema can decide to stop smoking, he could have chosen to keep meat in his diet.  He could have chosen to get a new oncologist.  And then we have to live with our decisions.

A meat eater can choose a plant-based diet and vice versa.  Everyone has the right to make their own choices.  And, even if you’re not on a game show, that’s the right answer.