Wondering where I’ve been?

I pretty much live my life with the laptop attached to the hip.  Last week, I was watching an episode of Bunheads (or maybe it was one of my educational webinars that I tune into, I think that was it), while fixing something delicioso in the kitchen.  Suddenly, the “battery running low” message appeared on the Dell.  I darted to the family room so as not to lose the first eighteen minutes of the show, er webinar, and have to start over again.

And that’s when it happened…

Some mysterious force happened upon me and I flipped the laptop and watched it fall to the floor.  Yup, the LCD screen shattered and there is a nice jiggly piece just bouncing around in the hard drive area.

Being a proactive kind of gal, I decided to get on the land-line and make those warranty inquiries.  Just my luck, accidental droppings are not covered.  And, the cost to repair is about the same as buying new.

What to do? What to do?  Seriously though, while I weigh the options, I have a great antiquity, (a laptop so old it takes about 30 minutes to get it up and going) I can use to make posts.  The pictures look like fun-house mirror images so will see how that pans out. Could be a real hoot!

Stay tuned…