I apologize for my AWOL status.

Over the last several weeks I have been bopping along like the energizer bunny cooking, taking pictures of the food I made, uploading them to the blog and writing a little something to go along with each recipe in time for the forthcoming holiday celebrations.

But, I ran into a bit of a snafu.  NOTHING I made tasted very good. That meant EVERYTHING was going into the miss category.

Bugger all.

My messing up, er I mean experimenting, is a common occurrence but this was epic.

Are you wondering what I had a shakin’ and a bakin’ ?

How about some pumpkin soup? It was supposed to be a combination of sweet and spicy but ended up with neither of those flavors. I’m still tasting it, blah!

Also, I attempted some snacks:
Maple roasted chickpeas and spicy roasted chickpeas. They cooked forever and never dried out.
Roasted pumpkin seeds. They burned, burned, burned (are you thinking Johnny Cash?). I make these all the time. How I messed up on something so easy, I will never know.

How does chickpea cranberry loaf sound to you? Actually, I’ve made this a couple of times in the last two weeks. There is some tweaking left to do on this one. But, when I do get it right, it is going to knock you on your keester!

I could go on, if for nothing else so that you don’t think I had a chickpea theme going on, but it’s really not necessary.

With our college-aged daughter at home for a short spell, I decided to spend what free time I had with her.  The heck with everything else.

So, what was cookin’ this Thanksgiving?

My brain waves were thinking, K.I.S.S.
Stick with what I know.

We had one meal at home for the Vegan Husband’s side of the family. While they munched on a brunch of french toast, bacon and fruit, I devoured a cup of Bean and Barley Vegetable Soup. I decided on this dish because I really love it and haven’t had it in a long time.

We celebrated the remainder of the day at my Dad’s home. On Thanksgiving morning, I put together one of my (old) new favorite dishes, Sweet Potato and Peanut Butter stew. I thought this dish would appeal to just about everyone as the peanut butter added fat content which enhanced the flavor.

I made enough stew for everyone to enjoy but the only partakers were the Vegan Husband and yours truly.  That’s okay. There was a mound of food from which to choose. Let’s face it, for most, the traditional Thanksgiving fare is one of the most exciting parts of the day.
However, I will always bring an ample amount of my fare for all celebrations should one person accidentally break on through to the other side (are you thinking The Doors?).

Happy Holidays. everyone!