external rotator 2

Equipment used: elastic tube, band, cable machine or dumbbell

This exercise develops the strength and endurance of the external rotator cuff muscles.

Muscles used: infraspinatus and the teres minor. The posterior deltoid assists.

rotator cuff muscles

Overview: Sit or stand.  With equipment at hip height and palm in front of you, move working arm (90° positioned) backward and forward.

Position: You can sit or stand for this exercise. Pelvis, spine, neck are in neutral. Scapulae (shoulder blades) are depressed (pressed down). Abdominals are contracted, wrist is locked in neutral, knees are soft. On the working side, elbow is pressed against the ribs and positioned at 90° . If that position feels uncomfortable, a towel can be placed under the arm.

Movement: Start with the palm in front of the body and at hip height. Your palm can be supinated (facing up) or mid-pronated. Rotate your shoulder outward and your forearm will move like a gate swinging open. Move shoulder slowly and in control during both the backward and forward phase. Exhale on the backward movement.

Common errors:
– shoulders hike up
– moving the wrist instead of performing the shoulder rotation
– rotating too far on the backward phase, a large range of motion is not

There are a variety of different external cuff exercises. Please leave a comment if you would like more information…