This exercise develops strength and endurance of the triceps. It is an isolation exercise.
Note: Everyday, I see gym members (mostly men) going to town working their biceps. But the key to arm growth rests primarily with the triceps – not the biceps. Arms are comprised of about 1/3 biceps and 2/3 triceps. If your goal is to work toward or maintain the “guns” look , make sure to spend as much effort on the triceps as the biceps.
Ladies, do not be intimidated by arm exercises. You will not end up looking like a lunk! Working your triceps will leave you with great looking toned arms.

Equipment used: high cable pulley with straight bar or ropes

Muscles used: Triceps

triceps 2

Starting Position: Knees are slightly bent and feet are shoulder width apart. Pelvis, spine, neck and wrists are in neutral. Shoulders are stabilized (kept in place) throughout movement. Scapulae (shoulder blades) are pressed down and back.  Abdominals are contracted. Elbows and upper arms are pressed against sides of body. If using a bar, hands are pronated and about 6 inches to shoulder width apart. Hands are mid-pronated if using ropes.

Movement: Bringing bar or rope so that elbows are at 90° or just slightly more, exhale as you extend elbows and press bar down. If you are using the ropes (my favorite, due to wrist issues) rotate your wrists and bring palms toward the floor. Take care to avoid hyper-extending (locking) the elbows. Inhale as you return to start.  Keep contact with sides of body throughout movement.

Common Errors:
– wrist breaking
– torso rocks back and forth
– inability to keep shoulders stabilized (usually a sign that you are using too much  weight)
– scapulae moves up

– press-down on one leg
– press-down on an unstable surface, such as a Bosu ball

If you would like more information on triceps exercise or further progression advice, please leave a comment…