bent over row 1

This exercise develops strength and endurance of the middle back and biceps

Equipment: dumbbells, bench

Major muscles used: latissimus dorsi, teres major,sternal portion of pectoralis major, biceps, brachialis, brachioradialis

bentover row

Note: Ladies, a beginner can easily start with ten pounds and over time progress to fifty pounds. Mentally push yourself so that you can physically push yourself.
Often, I see gym members conversing while performing this exercise. This can lead to placing your neck in the up or sideways position which can result in injury. Concentrate on the exercise and chat when you have completed your sets.
Twisting the torso while lifting the weights can also lead to injury. Spinal stabilization is a must for this exercise.

Position: Half kneel on bench with same side hand and knee on the bench. Hold dumbbell mid-pronated so that it faces the bench. Spine is in neutral with neck in line with spine. The head should not be looking up, down or to the side. Scapulae (shoulder blades) are pressed down and back. Abdominals are contracted.

Movement: While keeping the arm close to the body, exhale and lift weight up. While inhaling, slowly lower weight and maintain the position of the scapulae which should be pressed down and back.

Common errors:
– hunched shoulders, a result of not maintaining the scapular position
– lowering the head and looking at the weight as it is lifted (I tend to do this if I am not concentrating)
– rotating the spine
– elbows hyperextending
– uncontrolled lowering of weight

– row from low pulley
– standing bilateral row

This is a beginner bent-over row. There are many variations and different equipment that can be used for this exercise. Want more progression advice? Please leave a comment…