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Posted by the vegan husband


Remember that name and remember where you were when you first heard it.  It sounds like Baja frozen yogurt or a protein shake made of refried beans.  But it’s neither of those.

Sofritas, according to an abcnews.com article, is the first fast food vegan offering that is not a salad, a veggie burger, or lightly-seasoned tree bark.  Chipotle, an international 1,500 unit restaurant chain with sales approaching $3 billion, is serving up sofritas in a bowl, a taco, or a burrito.

Walk into a Chipotle, and you’ll find that sofritas is “shredded organic tofu braised with chipotle chilis, roasted poblanos, and a blend of aromatic spices.”  I’ll say this for Chipotle: they’ve got a good marketing team over there.  It sounds delicious.  Just so long as I’m not the one shoving the tofu into the shredder.

For now, Chipotle is only making sofritas available in San Francisco, Oregon, Washington, and Vancouver.  San Francisco I can understand, but who knew the Pacific Northwest had such a large number of vegans?  Or is it simply a high concentration of Mexican food-loving vegans?

And they are selling at a good clip.  While I cannot say they are selling like hot cakes, sofritas, at $6.50 a piece, account for 4-5% of sales.  If things continue, Chipotle has indicated they will roll them out nationwide.

But is America ready for sofritas, a bag of kale chips, and a smoothie to wash it down?  Can breakfast sofritas and value meal sofritas be far behind?

Well, I’ve said it before but it bears repeating.  The vegan sharknado is coming our way and there’s nothing you, me, or Tara Reid can do about it.  We can either get out of the way or let it wash over us like a soothing quinoa rain.

Would you eat a fast food vegan sandwich?  Please leave a comment…