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This month we celebrate five years of monthly pizza nights with the vegan Dad/Grandpa/Father-in-Law.

That’s sixty nights of pizza, wine, conversation, television viewing, and leftovers.  That means pizza in all types of conditions: air-conditioned comfort, al fresco on the deck, in ambient lighting, and in the glow of the Christmas tree.  We have never missed a month.

An extremely unofficial tally (i.e., done by someone over the age of 50 without using a handheld electronic device) shows nineteen different establishments visited.  With two exceptions, it’s always takeout.  Most places are in town or one town over.  Some are significantly out of the way yet well worth the trip.  One place which is the closest in proximity isn’t even on the list.  I can only say this: you know who you are and step up your game.

We eat in the room with the biggest tv so it just makes sense to have it on.  Because it’s usually Saturday, sports dominates with golf, Red Sox baseball, and college football getting the most air time.  It’s also not unusual to see This Old House, a cooking show, a documentary, or, if the vegan daughter is home, Myth Busters.  If we’ve watched NASCAR, I don’t remember it.

Because the night is more of an event than a meal, the excitement, for me, starts building as soon as the next one gets scheduled.  By the time Friday rolls around, it’s not just the end of the week, it’s one day till pizza night.  The typical Saturday chores are easier to get through knowing there will be no supper to prepare, no dishes to wash.

To lend some perspective, this may be an appropriate time to note that we once ate pizza (gasp) every week.  I know what you must be thinking.  It’s not something we’re proud of.

Back then, we didn’t know what pizza could do to our bodies.  Carrying a few extra pounds was in vogue.  Everyone was doing it.  Paula Dean was way more popular.

The pizza night topics of conversation are not much different than what you’d find at the local coffee shop.  Sports, of course, because who doesn’t like to Monday Morning Quarterback the hometown team?  But, we only need look around the yard, and the talk changes to hummingbirds, squirrels, flowers, and proper lawn maintenance.

National politics is the only topic that’s off the table.  Some of us take Liberal and Conservative stances very seriously.  No one wants the level of discussion to rise above a cordial tone.

Did I mention there was wine?

So, if you want, you can worry about the debt ceiling, the government shutdown, Miley Cyrus, or Somalia.  But not me.  I know everything is going to be just fine.

The next pizza night is right around the corner.

Many thanks to the vegan husband for providing this post ahead of schedule! The picture of the pizzas are from my favorite restaurant, The Boynton. Their artichoke heart & roasted pepper variety is the only(including any vegan type) pizza I will eat. 
What’s your favorite kind of pizza, vegan or otherwise? Please leave a comment…