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Once again I find myself battling pain in the ole back.  It’s something I have mentally accepted as par for the course. It’s going to happen to me occasionally due to a back injury that occurred many years ago.

When the time comes to resume a weight resistance program, for my spine’s sake, I will begin with the use of nautilus equipment.
It has been debated over the years as to whether free weights or fixed weight resistance-based machines prove to be more advantageous for faster and better strength building.
Fixed weight resistance-based machines are often thought of as for beginners while free weights are considered to be more effective for the advanced athlete.
I believe it is important to incorporate many different types of equipment into workouts. Mixing it up keeps it balanced.

One of the muscle groups I was fiercely working on before this occurred was the Latissimus Dorsi.
Below are instructions on the one machine I will be making a b-line to when the time comes to get back into the ring, the Lat-Pull Down.

lat pull down1

Major muscles worked: latissimus Dorsi, teres major, sternal portion of pectoralis major, pectoralis minor, rhomboids, biceps

Position: Sit so knees are placed under knee pad and hips are flexed at 90°. Position of your neck is in a natural extension of the spine while abdominals are contracted, elbows are straight but not locked and wrists are in neutral. Use an overhand grip on the bar which can be wide, slightly beyond shoulder width or narrow. A narrow underhand grip places more emphasis on the biceps.

Movement: Without moving the torso, exhale while pulling the bar to the sternum. Squeeze shoulder blades together. Pause, then while inhaling slowly return bar to starting position. Keep your shoulder blades depressed (down).

Common errors:
– performing behind the neck pull-down (shoulder joint is placed in a risky position leading to injuries. Most people can not perform this without hunching over or ducking their heads which can lead to injuries)
– wrist breaking
– leaning backwards and “rocking” as you pull down
– leaning forwards with a flexed spine
– locked elbows
– head looks up while pulling from or returning to start position
– shoulder blades move up while returning to original position

Need more information on Lat workouts?  Please leave a comment…