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In America, the months of October through January seem to roll into one celebrated event with holidays such as Halloween, Thanksgiving, Hanukkah, Christmas, Kwanzaa and New Year’s.
These celebrations can result in fun times and wonderful memories but there can also be high expectations, stress and glutenous indulgences.

I try to stay calm and balanced during this period by partaking in frequent (the vegan husband and I strive for daily) meditation sessions available at Fragrantheart.com.
This site has several free guided meditations and it is my saving grace.

It is easy to wander from the whole-food, plant-based track during this time when high fat and sugar saturated food surround us.
Below are a few of my favorite documentaries toting the benefits of this lifestyle and re-watching them reminds me of the reasons why I took this road less traveled. For a more comprehensive list of food documentaries and where you can watch them for a fee or free, check out imdb.com

For the next six days, Food Matters is available for a free screening. If you have an extra eighty minutes, I urge you to watch this documentary at  http://www.foodmatters.tv/free

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What do you want January 2, 2014 to feel and look like?  Please leave a comment…