I recently overheard two aliens talking at a newsstand.  I knew they must be aliens because who else goes to newsstands these days?

LGZN5:  Whatcha reading?

QEE72:  USA Today.

LGZN5:  Anything good?

QEE72:  It’s sad, really.  All this controversy about St. Patrick’s Day parades.

LGZN5:  What’s so controversial?  A parade sounds like fun.

QEE72:  Some cities won’t allow LGBT’s to march.  Or, in some cases, they can march but without a banner.

LGZN5:  LGBT’s?  I didn’t think they were even in this solar system!

QEE72:  You’re thinking of Lunar GeoBeta Techpods.  This is something totally different.  “LGBT” is an acronym for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender.

LGZN5:  Ah.  So why can’t they march?

QEE72:  I’m not exactly sure.  I think it’s a religious thing.

LGZN5:  Are any other groups excluded?

QEE72:  None that I know of.

LGZN5:  Fat people?

QEE72:  No.

LGZN5:  Skinny people?

QEE72:  No.

LGZN5:  What about people who wear glasses?

QEE72:  You’re starting to annoy me.

LGZN5:  Okay.  Okay.  What does the Pope say about this?

QEE72:  He says, “Who am I to judge?”

LGZN5:  Well, there you go.  Which cities are we talking about?

QEE72:  From what I can tell, it’s New York, Boston, and Cincinnati.

LGZN5:  Did anyone oppose the decisions?

QEE72:  All the mayors boycotted the parades.  Some of the beer companies pulled their sponsorship.

LGZN5:  Well, that’s making a statement.  Do you think things will change?

QEE72:  Maybe someday.  We can hope.

LGZN5:  Hey, what about Chicago?  What do they do to celebrate?

QEE72:  They dye the river green.


LGZN5:  Now that’s a place that likes to party!  Next year, I say we go there.

QEE72:  You’re on.


Comment from Suzanne Kasparson… We fear what we don’t understand… C’mon state of Michigan, it’s time to vote Gov. Rick Snyder out!  Please leave a comment…