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Click on the image above to get a better feel for the amount of prescriptions waiting for pick up at a local pharmacy. What you don’t see are the additional bags to the right of the picture and those behind both areas of shelving. The bins are so full that they store the extra volume in what space can be found. Sadly, this is not the only pharmacy in this small town. Within a mile or two, in either direction, one has a choice between two grocery stores, another pharmacy and a Wal-Mart to fill their script.

As I patiently waited forty-five minutes to be handed a gelcap-filled paper satchel for an elderly family member, I began to think about how my aging process has thus far unfolded.
Besides my physical transformation, I have also made behavioral changes.

It’s not a stretch to say I am a bit of a wallflower. For the most part, I take everything in. I watch, listen and learn from all that surrounds me.
I try to keep my opinions to a minimum and voice them only for situations that truly matter. There was a time when I drank from the fountain of judgement on a regular basis.  After all, isn’t that what an opinion is?
But judgements are typically negative and can be detrimental to one’s health.
Always a work in progress, I strive to have compassion, to be kind, positive, giving, less materialistic and to find humor in each day.

Luckily, once I cleaned up my diet, my behavior followed suit. It’s a package deal and one that I think will give me a fighting chance from regular visits to the village apothecary.

I’m not that far from turning fifty and I know that my physical aging is only in its infancy. The forty-five minute wait also gave me time to think about two women whom have been in the media recently and that I think are truly inspirational. I am watching, listening and learning!



How you age is a process that is largely up to you. It isn’t always easy with temptations all around us, habits that are difficult to break, and the realization that physical conditions or diseases may occur despite healthy choices made.

No matter your age (it’s never too late), why not give good health a fighting chance so that you won’t have to wait in a pharmacy que pondering what you could have done differently?

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Aging can be…the result of whatever series of decisions you choose to make.  Please leave a comment…