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Sorry for my absence last week. The family and I were on vacation!

Funny story…
Not too long ago, the vegan husband and I were grocery shopping when he mentioned a recipe he had read about on a blog that he subscribes to. It sounded great, a caramelized-onion asparagus frittata.

Asparagus? In a frittata?  Well, I mused, that was very different.  But I was a gal with an open mind and I was willing to making it.

The stars must have been aligned that night because asparagus was on sale. My mind raced. Should we abandon some of our planned meals for the week and go for the asparagus nutriment when the only ingredients that could be recalled were onions and asparagus? No problemo, I thought. I’ve eaten this enough times that shopping for the other ingredients that normally go into this dish would be easy peasy. There would be no written list required for this grocery trip.

Fast forward a few days later.
When I finally sat down to look at the recipe, it was a bit of a shock.
Eggs…lots of them.
It dawned on me that this blueprint was of the Italian version of a Frittata dish and not that other one I was thinking of.
You know, that other one? The Mexican version?
Some people would call it a fajita…
That’s right, when the hubby said Frittata my brain registered fajita.

I was clearly in desperate need of a vacation. Fortunately, one was just around the corner. But, it wouldn’t happen before realizing that the veggies we bought were more conducive to an Asian stir fry rather than a Mexican one.


But it all worked out and tasted magnifico!

Note: Because my brain went on holiday well before the rest of my body, I hadn’t figured out a flavor profile on the marinade. I relied on an older recipe that contained sesame oil. If you are familiar with this blog, you know that I rarely use oil. When I do incorporate it into a dish, I use coconut. Stay tuned for a new marinade update as I will be working with this dish in the weeks to come.
The vegan husband ate this with the traditional wrap while I scooped a portion into a bowl sans tortilla.

Use whatever veggies float your boat.

Serves 4-6

Unless otherwise stated cut vegetables either diagonally or Julienned
bunch of asparagus
2-3 carrots
broccoli, roughly chopped
1 red pepper
1 yellow pepper
8-16 oz mushrooms, sliced
1 red onion, sliced
1 bunch scallions
1/2 head bok choy, chiffonade
small head napa cabbage, chiffonade

1 c vegetable broth
1 garlic clove, minced
1 tbsp ginger root, minced
4 tbsp tamari
2 tbsp rice wine vinegar
1 tbsp sesame oil
2 tbsp cornstarch

Combine marinade ingredients and set aside.
Add marinade or water to cover the bottom of a wok or large skillet.
Begin sautéing vegetables in order given. Cook each for a few minutes or longer depending on your desired tenderness of the vegetable.
Add marinade as needed.












What is your favorite stir fry veggie? Please leave a comment…