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cheesy polenta

I wish I could take credit for this delicious dish but sadly I cannot. I found it several months ago on the website MindBodyGreen It’s so delicious you may find it difficult to stop at just one serving.

If you are concerned about Gmo corn-based products, purchase organic cornmeal and prepare the polenta by scratch. Bob’s Red Mill organic cornmeal, for example, can be found in many grocery stores.

I prepared the polenta using a dry cornmeal. Refer to the package for a basic recipe. Most polenta recipes are similar to one another but I changed it a little by adding a couple of cloves of garlic and omitted the butter and cheese. In addition, after cooking the mixture on the stovetop, I baked it for 20 minutes in a 350° oven and cooled it in a refrigerator. The wow factor of this dish comes not from the polenta but from the sauce.

I also changed the recipe by opting to use dry chickpeas (3/4 cup) soaked overnight and cooked the next day. Plus, I omitted the oil and avocado.


vegan robert

The Vegan Husband and I attended our community’s annual vegfest recently and one of the speakers was vegan bodybuilder, Robert Cheeke. He was charismatic, provided the audience with great advice and more importantly was living proof that individuals can thrive on a plant-based diet. If you are looking for an easy read and are motivated to take the steps necessary to flourish with this healthy lifestyle, check out his book and website which share the same title, Vegan Bodybuilding and Fitness.

 robert cheekeRobert Cheeke – Vegfest, April 2014


Looking for an interesting and humorous documentary to pass the time?  Consider viewing this:


May I Be Frank, from Amazon’s editorial review, “Ex-addict Frank Ferrante is a 54 year old, 290 pound Sicilian-American from Brooklyn with Hepatitis C and an unquenchable appetite for women, on the look-out for a quick fix. But Frank wants to fall in love one more time before he dies. MAY I BE FRANK documents Ferrante’s transformation when he stumbles into the aptly-named vegan Café Gratitude, and over 42 days begins a life-changing journey during which he is coached physically, emotionally and spiritually by three twenty-something staff members on a path of enlightenment. Challenged by years of addiction, fatigue, and family dysfunction, Frank’s quest for healthy living is tense and touching. Through Frank’s transformation, we witness the powerful effect of change upon one person’s life, and the potential we all have to find the most important love of all”.

And a little extra review from moi…

This film documents the change of behavior that occurs as Frank begins to change his eating habits. Available free on Hulu and on DVD through Netflix. Make sure to also watch Frank’s fantastic Hulu interview taken after the airing of this documentary. It shows Frank’s physical transformation and provides further evidence of the link between behavior and food.


frankbefore and after


Have you any recipes, books or documentaries you would like to share?  Please leave a comment…