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I perform the concentration curl in a squat position (not on a bench) and typically towards the end of my biceps routine. If I am feeling worn out, I will rest part of my backside on a wall for support.

Equipment used: dumbbells

Major Muscles used: biceps, brachialis, brachioradialis


Movement: Sit on bench with working arm resting on inner thigh. Your resting arm rests on opposite thigh. Grip dumbbell with a supinated (underhand) grip so that when you move dumbbell towards shoulder, the palm faces up. Spine, neck and wrists are in neutral. Hips are flexed (hinged). Scapulae are depressed (shoulders blades pressed down). Feet are flat on the floor.
Exhale while bringing weight up towards shoulder. Inhale as you slowly lower weight to original position.

Common errors:
– performing the movement too quickly, slow and steady wins the race!
– using momentum/swinging the weight upwards – make those biceps work!
– wrist breaking
– shoulder blades hunch up
– rounded shoulders
– flexion of the spine instead of the hips
– elbows lock out at end of movement allowing the tension to be broken. Don’t give those biceps a break!


What is your favorite biceps isolation exercise?  Want further bicep advise? Please leave a comment…