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Origin of CLEANSE – from the Merriam-Webster Dictionary:
Middle English clensen, from Old English clǣnsian to purify, from clǣne clean.

Lately I have been besieged with daily e-mails from promoters offering programs in regard to cleansing, fasting or detox. For an average fee of $99.00, I can rid my body of impurities and lose boatloads of weight as anywhere from 3-14+ days.

There are different reasons to embark on one of these programs. Some of those are based on religious principles, or to rid oneself of toxins or for what seems to be the most advantageous (read marketable) reason – to lose weight.

But are these programs scams? Do they take advantage of those who are desperate to make changes? Are they safe?

What type of cleanse should one choose for best results? To name a few, there are the Master cleanse, the colonic cleanse, the Dr. Oz 48-hour cleanse, the Dr. Oz 3-day cleanse (both waiting approval of the US Congress!?), the broccoli sprout cleanse (yes, it’s real) and then there is the king of cleanses, the water cleanse.

I have held fast to the belief that our bodies, if left to their own devices (liver, kidneys, colon, skin and lungs), would rid us of all types of contaminates. Interloping need not apply.

In addition, I never gave consideration to starving myself a thought.


One of those e-mails caught my undivided attention. There it was, like so many others, the 3-day (DETOX/WEIGHT LOSS) water cleanse. It told the tale of the struggle on days one and two due to symptoms such as hunger and irritability. But on the third day, one would experience remarkable euphoria, glowing skin, no hunger, boundless energy, detoxification and weight loss. It would be a rebirth of sorts!
And here is where it got really fun for me…
For a low introductory price of $47.00, I too could reach a utopia the likes of which only the first 100 people who respond to said e-mail would be able to experience.

Wow, I was hooked.
Not really.
With no need or desire to lose “weight” and with no cares if perhaps I did have resilient toxins stowed away in the nooks and crannies of this bod (you can’t control everything), the idea of paying someone for a 3-day W-A-T-E-R cleanse irked me.
Still, how could I mock and dismiss something that I never experienced?
I love a challenge and I love to do my own fact-finding research.
As time passed, the idea of a cleanse grew on me and so it was that I entered, with $47.00 still in my pocket, into the world of detox.
It took one month of preparing before I plunged into this experiment. Here is a morsel of what could have awaited me:

Symptoms that may occur:
weakness, fatigue, dizziness, lethargy, low blood pressure
bad breath, white coated tongue
canker sores
muscle pain
weight loss

Sound like fun?

Word of caution: cleansing can be very dangerous. Participants should be healthy and be in a medically supervised institution if the program extends beyond three days. New participants to fasting should partake in periods of short duration (no more than 3 days) in order to get a perspective on their own unique occurrences. No exercise should be performed while partaking in program.

Here are my notes as the experiment unfolded:

Sunday evening – 5:30pm – cleanse begins, research suggests a minimum of 80 oz of water be consumed throughout each day of cleanse

Day 1
woke up at 4:30 am
fell back to sleep at 7:00am
9:00 am – woke up from nap, watered/tended to gardens – lots of energy
10:30 am – picture-taking for blog, starting to feel hungry, little desire to drink water
11:00am – light housework
12:00 pm – another nap/1 hour, slight headache & chills (71 degrees, sunny)
2:00 pm – stomach is started to growl but no difference in the amount of hunger I felt from my 10:30 entry. Still have a slight headache, no chills but I am wearing a heavy sweatshirt
5:00pm – still no difference in hunger, feel pretty good, still have a bit of a headache
8:00 pm – feeling fine, no headache, no hunger, no chills (no sweatshirt)…no problems – this is going great! Easy sailing!
(1 cup shy of minimum amount of water I should have consumed for the day)

Day 2 – 2 lb weight loss
7:00 am – feel the same as yesterday, a little hunger but nothing major. No headache or chills. A decent amount of energy.
11:00am – feel great, great great! going out to weed gardens
12:30 – in from weeding gardens, will take shower and do ½ hour meditation – feel great, no hunger, no headaches
2:30 pm – 1st feeling like I want to eat…must be real hunger? A little bit of  lower back discomfort.
6:00 pm – tired…not hungry but I have a bad attitude. I don’t want to cook for or clean up after anyone. Don’t want to talk to anyone. Vegan husband is humming…I think I could maim someone.
7:00 pm – Back and leg cramps, starting to get very painful – can’t sit or lie down. Hubby notices my distress and begins to try to massage out the pain in my muscles. Seems to help. I feel bad about my commentary on his humming.
(no problems getting in 80 ozs of water)

Day 3 – 6 lb weight loss
3:00 am – up for the duration – have not slept, severe back and leg pain…equal to the amount of pain experienced when I needed a discectomy, only pain is in both legs not just the one. Tremendous nerve pain in area of my right leg that has permanent nerve and muscle damage from a previous injury experienced years ago. How can that be?

How did the rest of my cleanse turn out?  Stay tuned for my next post.  Please leave a comment…