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continued from My 3 Day Water Cleanse – Part 1


You will notice that I have an entry for day 4 of my 3-day cleanse. It is important to note that most cleanses begin and end with a reduction in quantities of food consumed both prior (1-2 days) to the start of the detox and a couple of days after it ends. To ensure an ease on your digestive track, foods eaten should be those such as fruit and vegetables. Because I am a plant-based, whole-food dieter, I did not make any adjustments prior to the cleanse but eased up on the amount of food I consumed for just one day after the end of the fast.

Day 3 – 6 lb weight loss
3:00 am – up for the duration – have not slept, severe back and leg pain…equal to the amount of pain experienced when I needed a discectomy, only pain is in both legs not just the one. Tremendous nerve pain in area of my right leg that has permanent nerve and muscle damage from a previous injury experienced years ago. How can that be?
still not hungry, no headache
10:00 am – no change, no hunger, no headache, no problems with energy, still have a bountiful supply of back/leg pain
12:30 pm – severe light headiness when stood up – to be expected. (see symptoms from Part 1 post)
12:45 pm – talking on phone & close to fainting, talking gibberish, no hunger, blood pressure 96/58, close to what is considered low blood pressure. I have experienced it this low in the past without the involvement of cleansing. Heart beat per minute – 59 (not that low for someone at my fitness level) Seems like these symptoms came on suddenly
1:00 pm – CALLING IT A CLEANSE – 4 ½ hours early, blood pressure still teetering on the low side, severe body pain. Outside temperature is 86 degrees and oppressively humid…I believe I could be experiencing the onset of dehydration. Eating a banana and handful of raisins
(knowing it would be a hot and humid day, I drank far and above the recommended levels of water and still feel dehydration is a factor)
5:30 pm – time of day when cleanse would have been officially over – eating a veggie sandwich

Day 4 – no weight loss or gain
cleanse has been over for several hours but am still experiencing severe back/leg pain – very little sleep, still not hungry or thirsty
5:30 am – eating a banana /drinking water
830 am – forced myself to eat a veggie sandwich
9:45 am – feel fantastic…back to normal, not sure of the severity of the back/leg pain as I have been on my feet since eating.

Symptoms experienced during cleanse:
bad breath
painful teeth
canker sores
whitish colored tongue
slight headache at first
stomach growls but feel absolutely no hunger
a decent amount of energy throughout cleanse until I hit the wall on day 3
difficulty getting the full amount of water in each day –  except day 3
light headiness
borderline low blood pressure
brain fog
no feeling of euphoria on day 3 but did feel it on day 5 and for several days afterwards!
no change in skin/complexion
severe unrelenting back/leg pain
total of 8 lb. weight loss in three days–probably water and muscle loss. Weight will, I predict, be gained back quickly with a possibility of an extra lb. or two.  I will take time to recover before my intense workouts begin again.


Two weeks after cleanse – weight has fully restored itself

For the most part my cleansing experience was unremarkable. I experienced many symptoms that appear to be universal for those who partake in this type of fast. My research indicated that most of those symptoms were a result of the mechanisms for which the body rids itself of toxins.
What was really intriguing was the amount of pain I endured and the area around which it occurred. I believe that the pain was a direct result of either dehydration, a lack of proper nutrition (lack of important minerals such as potassium, magnesium and calcium) or a combination of the two.
Interestingly, I’ve read two other and rather different explanations in regard to the pain.
The first being that in areas of previous injuries, pain can be reproduced due to stored toxins in those specific locations.
And the other was attributed to the proximity of the large intestine to a nerve. The intestine, working diligently to rid the body of toxins, becomes an irritant to the nerve.

Would I recommend cleansing/detox?

In my research, I didn’t come across any substantive scientific data to support or contradict this undertaking.
While I did experience unpleasant symptoms, the euphoria I felt on day 5 and beyond were momentous. I hadn’t felt that happy in a long time. I didn’t let the little things bother me. It was like I had the buzz of a strong alcoholic drink…or two without touching a drop.

My initial post-cleanse impression was that I had participated in one of the dumbest experiments ever. As time passed, I had wondered…
Was it healthy to shock the body in this way? Was the body actually being shocked or was this a response from/a welcome break from stored pollutants? Were toxins really being released? Was the pain worth it? Did dehydration contribute to the pain? Did I really lack nutrition in just a 3 day period? Was the euphoria worth it? (it was amazing) Would I do it again?

Because I have no specific scientific evidence or explanations in regard to my experience, I have no opinion on cleansing/detox/fasting and I need more time to contemplate whether I would engage in this behavior again.

Stay tuned…

Have you ever cleansed? What was your experience? Please leave a comment…