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pickity (360x640)The delectable looking ginger stir fry over scallion pancakes pictured above is not mine. That is, I didn’t make it but I sure did enjoy devouring it! If you ever find yourself in southern New Hampshire, be sure to check out Pickity Place, where this dish originated.

Located in Mason, NH,  the restaurant is best described in their own words:

A Hidden Gem in the Foothills of NH

Pickity Place is a total sensory experience that you should plan to spend the entire day exploring. You’ll find vast gardens, wonderful gifts and a history that dates back to the 17th century. Our main house was the illustrative site for the 1948 English edition of Little Red Ridinghood, by Elizabeth Orton Jones.

Our Old English gardens are bursting with flowers and fresh herbs. In season, you’ll find just about any herb, perennial or scented geranium you can imagine, plus many other varieties that will inspire you!


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And the menu as:

Our 5-course gourmet luncheon draws guests back to Pickity Place time after time. From appetizers to dessert, the delightfully different luncheon dishes are accented with herbs and edible flowers grown and harvested from our very own culinary garden, served in a quaint, comfortable atmosphere.

I highly recommend dining at this unique and affordable establishment.  Offering a meat, vegetarian and kid-friendly entree that changes monthly, reservations are advised.

Upon returning home from that luncheon, I was inspired to create my own interpretation of a ginger stir fry –  minus the scallion pancake.
The Pickity dish showcased fewer vegetables, had a sweet and thin consistency to the marinade. I chose to load my version up with veggies and omitted the sweet factor.
You can substitute the vegetables in this recipe with your favorites. Those, listed below, are a staple in our home, are always on-hand, and they work well together in stir-fry’s.
Peanut butter* (see below) can be substituted for the tahini.  Although similar in taste, there is a subtle difference. Either choice makes for a scrumptious meal.


Serves 2-4


2 onions, halved and sliced
10 oz. mushrooms, roughly chopped
salt, dash
1-2 peppers, (red,yellow or orange), julienned
3 -4 carrots, thinly julienned
cauliflower, amount to your liking
broccoli, amount to your liking
2 large garlic cloves, minced
1 tbsp ginger root, minced
2-4 tbsp tamari
2-4 tbsp tahini
1/2 lemon, juice from
spinach, amount to your liking


Heat a large skillet on high. Add onions and mushrooms along with a dash of salt. The salt will draw moisture from the vegetables creating enough juice to keep them from burning. Turn heat to medium low. Cook for a few minutes until onions and mushrooms begin to brown. Add remaining vegetables, garlic and ginger. Cook until you reach your desired level of doneness.  I prefer my vegetables to be slightly al dente, about 5-10 minutes should suffice depending on the size you cut the vegetables.  Add 2 tbsp tamari, mix through. Add 2 tbsp tahaini, mix. Taste and adjust the amount of either the tamari or tahini, if needed. If the mixture is too thick. add a bit of tamari.  If too thin, add a bit of tahini. Remove skillet from heat. Add the lemon juice and spinach. Serve.

* peanut butter: measure 2 cups of roasted unsalted peanuts. I shell them a day or two before needed in a recipe. Mix in a high speed food processor or vitamix. Makes approximately 1 cup of peanut butter.  Keeps for 1-2 weeks in fridge.

 Do you have a favorite place to dine?   Please share…