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Before reading the article below, please watch this hysterical take on a holiday meal preparation.


Too often we end up missing the point of holidays and celebrations because there are high expectations, traditions to be upheld and the pressure to please.

My enlightenment regarding the holidays occurred a couple of years ago when we were expected to celebrate the same occasion with two different sets of people, on the same day, in a similar way, at different households.

One set wanted us to host and cook in the late morning while the other set wanted to do the hosting and have us help with the cooking in the early afternoon.

The day wasn’t enjoyable and the outcome wasn’t pretty.

We were so overwhelmed with tasks for both sets of celebrations that we fell short on both.
It wasn’t a good feeling to know that some people walked away disappointed.

Since that time, I have changed my perspective on celebrations:

1) When invited to celebrate, I prepare my food (vegan) and bring enough for others. I never expect a host to cater to my dietary choices. I also bring a gift or food that caters to their dietary choices.

2) I make what I feel like eating.  It doesn’t have to be the vegan version of Thanksgiving/Christmas/Birthday/Easter Monday(yes, it’s real), it just has to be delish!

3) If the host wishes to conduct the celebration at a restaurant or at their home, it matters not. Go along to get along.

4) Celebrations are occasions not dates. Thanksgiving, for example, doesn’t have to be celebrated on that particular calendar day to be enjoyed.

5) If it can’t be done, don’t sweat it. SAY SO and make alternate plans.

Isn’t the only point of a celebration to be surrounded by those you love?

How will you be celebrating the holidays?  Please leave a comment…