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I’ve been vegan for over six years and one of the more frequent questions I get from well-meaning inquisitors is how I get my calcium.

There was a time when I regularly consumed a 12 oz diet coke and a Dunkin Donuts coffee cake muffin (or two) for breakfast, one can of Campbell’s double  noodle soup for lunch and a hastily made pasta-based meal for supper and not once was I asked how I met my daily requirement for calcium.

Currently, I begin my day with a mix of dark leafy greens accompanied with other veggies or fruit and hemp seed in the form of a sandwich or a smoothie.
Greens, some fruit, beans and nuts, all of which I consume on a daily basis, are loaded with calcium and other essential nutrients.

We’ve been sold on the idea that in order for our bones to benefit from the appropriate amount of calcium, we’ve got to hop on the “got milk”/dairy band wagon.

The article below counters that argument and its one worth reading and considering.

Milk sales first began to slow in the US in 1970, and the industry has been scrambling to stop the free fall ever since. Although the connection between milk, calcium, and bone health has been the cornerstone of dairy advertising, the industry has also engaged in continual efforts to expand the image of what milk can do for Americans. But no matter what purported benefits they use to entice consumers, the dairy industry has been plagued by an absence of credible research to support their assertions
Continue reading here...Milk: Is It the Elixir We’ve Been Sold? – Nutrition Studies.

Ultimately, the decision is yours.
You can be that person who chooses a diet coke, greens or a got milk breakfast. In time, the results will speak for themselves.
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