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A few years after I switched to a plant-based whole foods diet, I had a conversation with my family practitioner about types of blood tests to get to assure that I was on track with my nutritional requirements.

Unfortunately, she was unaware of any specific blood tests that differed from the standard tests that most of us are given. On that particular day she ordered a CBC, Iron, Vitamin B12 and Vitamin D test.

I’ve encountered many individuals whom have made attempts at vegan and vegetarian diets only to have symptoms such as lethargy, lack of mental clarity and mood swings.  Most likely, those are manifestations from a lack of proper amounts of vitamins, minerals and other nutrients.
A plant-based whole foods diet requires one to be on their game in regard to obtaining certain nutrients.

After a bit of internet research, I stumbled upon an integrative practitioner, Dr. J.E. Williams, who published a list of blood tests that would be beneficial for the vegan or vegetarian dieter to obtain.
Those tests and his credentials can be found on the link below.

Armed with new material, the next visit with my doctor fared similarly to the one stated above.
After discussing the list with my practitioner, I was ordered a CBC, Iron, Vitamin B12 and Vitamin D test.
The same tests were ordered as my previous visit for two reasons.
First, she didn’t agree with the usefulness of some of the tests. Secondly, and I suspect the primary reason, my insurance would not cover the costs of some of the tests.

That begged the question, should I have paid out-of-pocket to have those tests done?
I have felt fantastic on my chosen diet and have been on the fence in regard to further testing.
However, should my insurance covered the costs, should I began to feel any of the symptoms listed above or should I strike it rich on the lottery, I would, without hesitation, get those additional tests.

Be aware that Dr. Williams is in the business of offering these blood tests for a few hundred dollars. I feel that is a conflict of interest. Should the day arrive that I need further testing, I would seek it through a different avenue.

Top 10-blood-tests-for-vegetarians-and-vegans

Have you had any issues with your vegan/vegetarian diet?  Please leave a comment…