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Bombarded with over 90 inches of snow, most of which has occurred in the last 2 1/2 weeks, we New Englanders (USA) persevere because we are a tenacious bunch (albeit a bit cranky).
We are PATRIOTS and although the gyms, schools and businesses have been intermittently closed throughout this period, we DO OUR JOB. And, that means finding creative ways to work out at home.

The exercise described below requires some equipment. Should you not have the equipment listed below, try using a pair of nylons or stretchable socks as a substitute.
Tie the ends of the socks together and thread the knotted end in between the crevice of a door.
If you are using nylons, place the waist end in between the crevice of the door.
Place at eye level and shut the door.
The socks or nylons should look like the rope as pictured above.
These substitutes will not have as much give as the tubing or bands. A full range of motion may be somewhat compromised.
Be sure to squeeze the muscles used (see below) throughout the concentric phase (contraction – pulling backward phase) of the exercise.


The cable face pull exercise targets the upper back.

Equipment Used: Cable station with rope, tubing, band

Major Muscles Used: posterior deltoid, external rotator cuff – (infraspinatus, teres minor), trapezius III (lower traps), rhomboids


back muscles 1



Position: Stand with feet shoulder width apart or staggered. Knees are flexed.  Spine, neck and wrists are in neutral position. Scapulae (shoulder blades) are depressed (pressed down). Palms face each other. Abdominals are contracted.

Movement: Place cable, tubing or band at eye level. Grab rope, tubing or band and take a few steps back so that so that your arms are straight. Bend elbows so that your upper arms are parallel to the floor. While exhaling, pull the rope toward your eyes until your hands are in line with your ears. For full external rotation, keep thumbs released (from the rope, tube or band) and pointed toward the back of the room as you pull toward your eyes. Pause. While inhaling, return to starting position.

Common Errors:
– hiking shoulders up
– using too much weight
– inability to maintain upright/neutral posture

Need help or advice with upper back exercises?  Please leave a comment…