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Feeling stressed?

This is the primary cause that I believe keeps us sick, stout and stuck.

With the pressures of everyday life, is it any wonder that large numbers of us are suffering from chronic illness?

Most of us, living on auto-pilot, aren’t aware of just how stressed we are and how it compromises our health.

From March 28-31, FMTV, will present a series of films geared toward various health topics. Check out, The Connection, a documentary geared towards the mind-body connection and the effects of stress on the body.
FMTV is a premium based station but, from NOW until the end of the month, certain documentaries and discussions are made available for free when you log onto their site. All of the documentaries featured through the 27th will be made available, for your choosing, from March 28-31.

If you are suffering from unexplained weight gain or are having difficulty losing weight, (particularly in the belly), fatigue, food cravings (especially high fat or sugary foods), sleep disturbances, brain fog, digestive problems or depression than this film may offer you the answers you have looked for.

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