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iron cowboy

Sorry for my absence last week but with our only child home for a brief visit my priorities shifted from work to family.

Even though our kipper has sailed off into a new direction and left us empty nesters yet again, my brain and body are still in family and relaxation mode.
I am in desperate need of a little inspiration and a bit of a “kick in the pants” to get me going again.
Which is the perfect time for me to share a “links to others” post.

Beginning Saturday, June 6 in Kauai, Hawaii, James Lawrence a/k/a The Iron Cowboy, will embark on a journey to complete 50 full ironmans, in 50 days in 50 states!

In 2012 James competed in 30 ultradistance triathalons, breaking the previous world record of 20, winning two of those titles and placing 2nd in 5 others.

From his website and in his own words, “My mind and body actually got stronger as I progressed through the 30 races through 11 countries. I know my limits were not reached in 2012 and want to test the true limits of my mind and body with this new 50 – 50- 50 challenge.  And I want the people of the United States and around the world to join me.

I will test my mind and body beyond what anyone thinks is possible and I invite the entire United States to join me and my family as we race across the country. When I tell someone what I am doing the first thing they say is, ‘That’s impossible, you can’t do that'”.

Please visit James’ website, to learn more and to follow his progress. If you live in the United States, check out his calendar to see when he is scheduled to visit your state as he invites you to join him to celebrate or participate in any portion of that days ironman.

For a more in depth look at James and what motivates him, check out this Rich Roll podcast titled, 50 Ironmans. 50 Days. 50 States: The Iron Cowboy’s Assault on Impossible — Musings on Limits, Conviction, Family & Service.

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