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Have you ever performed, or seen someone perform, a reverse fly or row with a rounded back? It happens often when fatigue sets in or when using too much weight and can lead to low back injury. The Inverted Row is a nice alternative to these exercises because it not only protects the low back, but it also works the core.

This exercise strengthens the upper back and back of the shoulders. It also helps develop good posture.

Equipment: Smith Press, Bar positioned in a rack (high enough to let arms fully extend)

Major Muscles Used: Posterior Deltoid, Infraspinatus and Teres Major (external Rotator Cuffs), Mid-Trapezius, Rhomboids, Biceps and Core.
This also works the latissimus dorsi (middle back muscle)


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Position: Grip bar with an overhand, wide shoulder width grip. Position yourself under the bar and let your body hang. Your body should form a straight line from head to toe, arms are straight and heels are on the ground. Wrists remain straight throughout movement.

Movement: Retract shoulder blades. Contract abs.  Flex elbows and bring your chest towards the bar. Pause and slowly return to original position.



Common Mistakes:
– performing exercise too quickly
– elbows flare out
– shoulders blades are not retracted
– body does not stay in straight line
– wrists do not remain straight
– neck meets the bar instead of chest (to prevent this from happening, back up a little in starting position)

– perform with heels on stability ball
– perform using TRX

Want more information on, or further progression of, the Inverted Row? Please leave a comment…