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Just in time for Thanksgiving, who’s up for some genetically modified salmon? Or, as some are calling it, Frankenfish.

Last week, the FDA approved a fish made by Massachusetts-based AquaBounty, that is an Atlantic salmon with a little Pacific salmon and ocean pout sprinkled in. A sterile female, the modified salmon grows twice as fast as a salmon found in nature, and, it so resembles a real salmon, it won’t even need a label identifying it as different.

And it could be on your kitchen table or favorite restaurant’s menu within two years.

As you might expect, the fish has its critics. Some say it could trigger allergies or even cause cancer. It will set a precedent for modifying other species. Kroger, Whole Foods and Trader Joe’s won’t sell it. Legal Sea Food won’t serve it.

Companies have the right to buy and sell anything they want, just as consumers can make up their own minds on what to purchase. But let’s make decisions based on common sense, not ridiculous propaganda.

Writing in wired.com, Nick Stockton suggests that the super fish could escape their tanks, eat up all the food from the real salmon, and force them into extinction. Oh, yeah, that could happen. But the salmon would need help from some trout and a few pickerel to sneak past the security guards.

The FDA has only approved the current growing facility in the Panamanian mountains and another in Canada. The salmon will grow quickly but I don’t think they will get as big as the killer whale in Free Willy and just jump out of the tank. Neither will children be growing the fish at home like Chia Salmon, only to flush them down the toilet, straight into the ecosystem.

Mr. Stockton’s article goes on to quote Eric Hallerman, a fish conservation scientist at Virginia Tech University, who indicates that the genetically modified salmon are more stressed than their real counterparts. In that regard, at least, we can offer a ray of hope. Given that all the GMO salmon are fast-growing females, menopause should only last about a week and a half.


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