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Colossal it was…

Sunday, December 6th, 2015.

6:56 pm.

There we were, perched in front of the RCA, with our normal high expectations of the NE Patriots. FOX lit up the room like a full moon on steroids.

The Patriots were just inside the Eagles ten yard line, poised to score … and it was an interception return for a 99-yard touchdown.

The Eagles…cruising.

It seemed like the days of old. Memories of the Pats from the 70’s pranced about in my head.

Our hopes of a win were diminishing just as our supper was ready to plate.

That night was different as was the entire day.
Let me take you back.

I had cooked a 16 oz bag of chickpeas early in the morning. And, I had all the other ingredients (fresh herbs and spices, lemons and tahini) to create a masterful loaf.

But, I was feeling run down, and mid-way through the afternoon made a hasty decision to put a falafel loaf together by way of a box of seasonings that had been stored in the pantry for …
a long time.
Not the 70’s kind of long, but you could probably put a few years on it.

For some unexplained reason, I abandoned all of the fresh ingredients. I abandoned my ‘health related” ideology that I have espoused over the last few years.
Maybe there was a full Yule Moon. Or perhaps a mysterious alien force was ensconced around me because the idea of hacking our dinner seemed appealing.

So, hack I did. I added that box of Mediterranean spices with its chemical additives to the garbanzos to create the loaf. Nothing fresh. Nothing creative. Nothing outside the box.

This was not my style and it was reflected in the final product.
Not even the tarator sauce could have saved this flop.
I had no back up plan – no second stringers.
It seemed like the days of old. Memories of fast and processed pranced about in my head.
Oy vey.

And that wasn’t all.

Don’t get me started on the dairy-free scallop potatoes that accompanied the loaf…
Colossal it was…

We all take steps back from time to time. It helps us to continue moving forward.
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