I have not had time to work on any new recipes so when this pearl from America’s Test Kitchen (through Cook’s Illustrated) landed in my in-box, I wasted no time putting it together.

We were not disappointed. This soup was super easy and quick to prepare, not to mention SCRUMDIDDLYUMPTIOUS!

I omitted the butter, substituted the chicken broth with veggie broth and changed the mint spiced-butter/cilantro topping to lemon-cilantro.

We had a boat load of basmati rice sitting in our pantry (purchasable in brown or white versions) so I snatched it, cooked one cup and added it to the soup to make the dish more satiating.


square_hero_desktop_SFS_red_lentil_soup-30_201Red Lentil Soup with North African Spices, picture By Cook’s Illustrated

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