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cable diagonal raise

Equipment used: cable machine, elastic tubing

This exercise develops the strength and endurance of the external rotator cuff muscles.

Main Muscles used: infraspinatus and the teres minor (external rotators), upper trapezius and deltiods




Overview: With equipment attached to a low pulley, palm facing the opposite hip, move working arm across body until your hand is above your head.

Position: Stand with feet shoulder width apart. Pelvis, spine and neck are in neutral. Scapulae (shoulder blades) are depressed (pressed down). Abdominals are contracted, wrist is locked in neutral, knees are soft. The Cable pulley, or tubing (around a post or attached to a door), is in a low position.

Movement: Face body perpendicular to cable pulley or post. If you work the right side first, keep it closest to the weight stack and grab the handle with your left hand. Position the left hand in the right hip (pocket) area. It should look like you are ready to grab a sword from your pocket! With elbow bent, left palm pronated (facing inward) and thumb facing pocket, exhale and reach diagonally across the body until the palm is over the head. At the top of the movement, the palm should be supinated (facing forward) and thumb should point up. Inhale and slowly lower to original position. Repeat on other side.

Common errors:
– shoulders hike up
– trunk rotates

There are a variety of different external rotator cuff exercises. Please leave a comment if you would like more information…