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Develops the strength and endurance of the forearms and wrists. Promotes grip strength.
This is also a functional exercise that benefits the entire body.

Equipment used: farmer’s walk loadable handle, dumbbells, weight plate with or without strap, barbells, kettlebells

Objective: carry a loaded weight, over a distance, as quickly as possible

Main Muscles Worked: forearm/wrist muscles

forearm muscles
Other muscles used: trapezius, abdominals, glutes, hamstrings, quadriceps, lower back, calves

Position: Eyes look straight ahead. Spine and neck are in neutral. Shoulders are depressed and retracted (down and back) Abdominals are contracted.

farmers walk2

Movement: Position weight on ground shoulder width apart. Keeping eyes and chest forward, squat to pick up weight. Grip weight in the center of the handle, a dumbbell or any other equipment being used. Keeping your body-weight in the heels, use hips to lift and stand upright. The loaded handle/dumbbell should hang naturally at arm’s length, next to your sides. Walk forward (use small steps) while keeping your torso upright for a set amount of distance or speed. Lower weights carefully to ground.

farmer_walkfarmers walk in motionone arm kettlebell farmer’s walk

– Increase: weight, distance and/or speed

Common mistakes:
– steps are too large which may cause weight to swing
– torso does not stay upright throughout movement
– shoulders round forward
– feet internally rotate


laoded handle side loadloaded handle, plates go on each end

loaded handle top loadloaded handle, plates go on top

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