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When someone offers to make a meal in this household, I don’t ask questions.  Looking a gift horse in the mouth wouldn’t be my smartest move!

I LOVE to cook but to get a break from it is a wonderful thing. So when the vegan husband added a few items to the weekly grocery list, with the explanation they were for a meal he was planning to make, I said a prayer of thanks, whipped on my parka, scooped up the keys to the Lucerne and hightailed to Market 32.

This recipe was a GEM and brought to you by cookieandkate.com.

Some of the changes the husband made included using a little less oil, adding celery (2 stalks), and replacing the diced tomatoes with the fire-roasted version. He also chose to omit blending part of the soup as he felt it was thick enough on its own.

Green or brown lentils were options for this recipe and the former was chosen. Green lentils are categorized into three groups according to their size (large, medium and small). We enjoy the small-sized version the best and those were the type he used in this dish.

This soup was so good I have decided to keep it as a staple. I plan to make batches to freeze and use for lunches when I am short on time.

Who prepares the meals in your household?  Please leave a comment…