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I didn’t think this was possible.

They have invented a snack item that I have no interest in eating.  It’s called Brownie Brittle.  A commercial for the product starts off like this: “So, everyone’s favorite part of the brownie is the crispy edge, right?”

Sure.  Just like everyone clamors for the gristle in the steak and the crust of the pizza.

Burnt, crunchy things can be appealing.  Chicken skin.  Marshmallows. The burnt cheese on top of a macaroni and cheese casserole.  I’ll even line up for burnt potato chips.

But don’t insult my intelligence by saying that people knock each other down to get the corner pieces from a batch of brownies.  Everyone knows that an interior brownie that has no edge at all is what people want.  Who shows up to a graduation party or baby shower and says, “These brownies came out exactly the way I wanted–hard and crunchy!”  No one, that’s who.

YouTube is full of videos telling you how to make your brownies come out one of two ways: fudgy or cakey.  The fudgy kind lean to the moist side, while the cakey ones are a little drier.  I would go for fudgy, but I can see the attraction of a cakey brownie.  Start looking now for crispy brownie demonstrations, and let me know when you find one.  I’ll be right here.

Brownie Brittle is the brainchild of Sheila G. Mains.  “Sheila G” has been kicking around the brownie world for years.  She sold a ton of them (although, oddly enough, no crunchy ones) until slumping sales forced her to switch to Brownie Brittle in 2011.  For reasons that I can’t explain, the product took off.

This is probably the point where you expect me to say that I broke down and bought a bag at my local Walmart, and Brownie Brittle blew me away.  But, I haven’t.  And I won’t.

Maybe Brownie Brittle, at 120 calories per serving, does “satisfy your chocolaty craving” as their commercial purports.  But, let’s call it what it is.  Say it’s a cracker that tastes like a brownie.  Or call it a really thin cookie that comes in toffee crunch, salted caramel, mint chocolate chip, chocolate chip, and peanut butter chip flavors.

Just don’t tell me that “the fight” for the brownie corner pieces is over. Because there was never a fight or even a mild disagreement about the best part of the brownie batch.

What is your favorite part of a brownie?   Please leave a comment…