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Not everyone, when they are on vacation, thinks “what a great opportunity for a cleansing.”  But we do.  And that may be why we don’t get invited out more.

On July 4th, when some people are actually trying to see how many hot dogs they can eat in ten minutes, we chose a day of water, black coffee, and one midday smoothie.

The choice of Independence Day was not a patriotic thing (Happy Birthday, America, we’re drinking smoothies!!), but where it fell in the week.  It was Monday, the first day of vacation.  The day before we had pigged out on ribs, burgers, homemade pretzels, beer, cookies, and pie at a cookout.  Well, some of us did anyway.

We had other things (including a pizza hop) planned later in the week so Monday seemed like as good a day as any to cleanse our bodies of toxins.  A day of reflection, meditation, and introspection.  Listening to the sound of the ocean and twittering birds.

And then I suggested getting out the chainsaw.

Maybe I should back up a bit.  We used our fuel from the previous day to start off with a three mile run.  It gave us an energy boost and got the water flowing. Combined with the coffee, maybe it was too much of an energy boost.

As Good Morning America gave way to Kelly Live, my wife blurted out, “It’s only 9:00!?!” It seemed like noon.  Before I knew it, the ironing board was out.  My response was to announce I would cut up a birch tree that had partially fallen.  This was met with a smile and a rolling of the eyes.

“What,” I said, “you’re ironing!”

I was told that you shouldn’t do anything physical during a cleanse and that ironing did not equate to cutting up a tree.  We compromised with me sweeping the cool deck of the swimming pool.

One thing working against us was the weather.  It was perfection of a summer day with full sunshine and low humidity.  It would have been a great day for our hike which got rained out later in the week or our pizza hop where the thermometer hit ninety degrees.  But even in a staycation, you sometimes have to pick a day to do something and then stick with it.

After running a brief errand, it was time for our smoothies.  Green apple cucumber for the vegan and strawberry banana blueberry for me.  We were feeling good and not at all close to starving.  Still, we tried to make them last.

We kind of did our own thing for the rest of the afternoon, spending the time on line, reading, and doing crossword puzzles.  We found time to meditate. And, without being hungry, it was amazing how often we asked ourselves: What can I eat now?

In the end, we prayed for sleep to take us so that the day would be over.  We initially said never again, but have since softened that stance.  It’s hard to say when the conditions are right to go a day without eating.  It seems wrong to have one less day to eat chips, ice cream, and green vegetables on vacation.

If we do a future cleanse, we’ll have to plan it out better.  We had talked about having movies to watch but we didn’t follow through on it and lost interest.  Maybe we need more soothing sounds from nature.  Maybe a juice cleanse would be better.  But one thing is a given: no chainsaws.