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Have I got me some organization skills? You betcha!  I’m an organizational freak, just not lately. Type A is my middle name and orderliness is my greatest game. This past holiday season was one of the quickest I have experienced (doesn’t that mysteriously happen as one ages?) and my ability to keep things straight proved to be a challenge.

I had intended to write a post on an orange-tahini based salad dressing that I had developed but I haven’t a clue what I did with the final recipe. Typically, I omit using dressing on salads opting to go with nutritional yeast as a topper. However, I was inspired to make my own fancy pants dressing as a result from an early fall visit to Federal Jacks Restaurant and Brew Pub in Kennebunk, Maine. Their menu was refreshing as it offered several plant-based items. While I ordered a Veggie sweet potato burger (hold the avocado and aioli, please) I was intrigued by the Speared Brussels sprout salad listed on the bill of fare. Its description sounded scrumptious: Wok-seared Brussels sprouts, cauliflower, cremini mushrooms and edamame seasoned with orange soy and served over field greens.

Once home, I swung into action and started squeezing some of America’s finest and freshest oranges (thanks, California-so bomb!).  I wanted to create something that was similar to Federal Jack’s description, but with my own spin. I worked on improving the recipe for close to two months each time making small tweaks. I was a meticulous little maven writing down changes as the days pressed on until I got it just right. But then Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas morphed into what seemed like one big holiday. My brain mutated to mush. When I buckled down to write this post, I realized the recipe with all of its changes had gone AWOL.

Not only had I misplaced the recipe but I hadn’t worked on any backup recipes. That’s not my style and it sent me into a temporary tailspin. That is the real point to this post. Sometimes things don’t go our way. We can be hard on ourselves when expectations are not met.  I could have mentally berated myself for not preparing a backup recipe, but I chose to give myself a break. As a result, I found other options to write about.

How do you respond when expectations are not met?

Many of us have made New Year’s resolutions.  Quite often those resolutions include changes to diet and exercise in an effort to improve overall health. Studies show that less than half of those resolutions will make it past six months.

What will you do when that day comes and you pack on the chocolate, decide to sleep in instead of getting your tush to the gym, drown your whoa in a bottle of Cabernet?

Maybe you will tuck this away and bring it with you everywhere you go:

If you stumble, give yourself a mental break. Do pick yourself back up.
Forget about comparing yourself to others and focus on yourself.
Strive for consistency.
Accept that success happens with progress not perfection.
Keep trying. Don’t give up.
Accept that making healthy changes towards well-being requires some selfishness. Everyone in your circle benefits when you make positive changes.
Be forgiving and kind to yourself.  Don’t be mean in ‘17!

In the absence of a recipe,  I have put together some  “links to others” that you may enjoy: Note that I have no connection to these establishments nor do I  receive monetary compensation for these recommendations.


bfreeBFree– I love to eat a veggie sandwich in a wrap.  A processed wrap that is relatively healthy is difficult to find. BFree is available in my area and it fits the bill better than the others from which I have to choose from. Their products are gluten, wheat, diary and egg free making them suitable for those who are gluten sensitive, celiac and or vegan.  I love the Quinoa and Chia Seed Wrap with Teff and Flaxseeds. They also make loaves, rolls and bagels.


abKitchen Confidential, Updated Edition –I received this Bourdain book as a gift. I haven’t read the whole book yet but thus far it’s well written and entertaining. His well-known disdain for vegetarians and vegans is offensive, immature and ignorant. If you choose to read this book, check it out from your library or download as an e-book for free.  Don’t put money in his or his publisher’s pocket.
Side Note: I have also enjoyed watching Bordains shows: No Reservations, Parts Unknown and Inside the Mind of a Chef.


fanyNetflix: Fannie’s Last Super I love learning about the history of both food and chefs alike. It probably explains why I loved receiving the Bourdain book! As described on Netflix, “America’s Test Kitchen head chef Erin McMurrer and mentor Chris Kimball re-create an 1896 12-course meal from American cookbook pioneer Fannie Farmer”. And, yes meat dishes are in abundance but it is still a great watch!


00marathoner5-superjumboNYT article 85 Year-0ld Marathoner Is So Fast That Even Scientist Marvel. Is this man, Ed Whitlock, an outlier? More than likely, but my take away from this article is presented in one of his quotes, “I believe people can do far more than they think they can.”

If you choose to be mean in ’17 then by all means do so. Be mean with your workouts. Be mean with your food choices. Load up with positivity. Show the world what you are made of.  Be fierce. You’ve got this.
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