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This is what great looks like…

no whining, no pats on the back and no blaming others. This is just straight up fire in the belly. World Champion bodybuilder/powerlifter, CT Fletcher,  inspires others to embrace their passion, to think positive, be consistent, set priorities and work hard to obtain their own greatness.

For further motivation, I encourage you to check out this documentary about CT Fletcher on Netflix: CT Fletcher: My Magnificent Obsession

Deemed one of the most influential and motivated fitness trainers, CT Fletcher: My Magnificent Obsession explores the pain, struggle, and hardships that he has endured throughout the life of famed powerlifter CT Fletcher. Leaving an abusive childhood home, the film dives further into Fletcher’s personal and professional life – demonstrating the power motivation can have on the human spirit.


The definition of success means different things to different people. It is not always an easy road for many of us.  We all need encouragement to stay the course, to fight against the odds, to persevere, to stay strong and healthy at various points in our lives. If you need inspiration to press on, then check out this fierce Cher song. Tuck it in your back pocket and bring it everywhere with you.


The Mindful Athlete: Secrets To Pure Performance by George Mumford

Are you are a believer in the ability of meditation and mindfulness to take you to levels beyond that of which you ever thought possible? Whether you are just starting out or are a long-time member in your health and fitness journey, this is a book you need to read.  I credit meditation with keeping me focused on the steps that are needed to achieve my goals, getting me through challenges and doing my best to stay in a state of “bending” (read the book!).

“Self-consciousness is when you’re focused on how you’re doing instead of what you’re doing. We have to learn how to push and challenge ourselves, but not in an insensitive way. Honing your performance really comes down to being comfortable with being uncomfortable”. — George Mumford

“Michael Jordan credits George Mumford with transforming his on-court leadership of the Bulls, helping Jordan lead the team to six NBA championships. Mumford also helped Kobe Bryant, Andrew Bynum, and Lamar Odom and countless other NBA players turn around their games. A widely respected public speaker and coach, Mumford is sharing his own story and the strategies that have made these athletes into stars in The Mindful Athlete: The Secret to Pure Performance. His proven, gentle but groundbreaking mindfulness techniques can transform the performance of anyone with a goal, be they an Olympian, weekend warrior, executive, hacker, or artist”. – Parallex Press


Interview with Professional Hockey Player & Cornell Grad Colin Greening – This article is about the effect of food on an athlete’s body as well as some of the other themes touched upon in this post – passion/obsession, consistency, persistence and mindfulness.



When 71 year young Cher touts that she performs a 5 minute plank, you have to be wowed.  Check out this link to learn about 9 other amazing people who don’t allow age to stand in their way to accomplishing amazing feats.

Aged, young, male or female…obsess, persist, be mindful and you will be a walking billboard for greatness. You can do anything! Please leave a comment…