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The month of December can bring a heap of challenges. It’s the holiday season and for many of us that comes with inherent stress.  But some challenges arise from our own making.  For instance, I have just downloaded the Mag Interactive WordBrain app on my phone and have quickly reached the penguin level. The puzzles get increasingly more challenging as you complete them and the solutions have come a wee bit slower to me. I have refused to use any of my 38 hints to solve the puzzles because who knows what future scrambles are lurking? Some would argue that I have been a bit obsessed with the game.  To which I would reply,”fake news”.  You never know when the solution may magically present itself.  I have to stay vigilant.

With so much on my phone plate, I have turned to other sources for my meal inspirations.

A favorite foodie website of mine is Serious Eats. I love learning about the science behind cooking and this site delivers. Here you will also find recipes (of all kinds), videos, cooking techniques, product reviews, food lab testing, special features, podcasts and so much more.

One of the SE recipes that caught my eye was their spicy carrot ginger soup. The picture of the dish and the list of ingredients were appealing to me, so I set about putting it together. For the most part, I stuck to the recipe at hand. The only deviations I made were as follows:

– omitted the oil
– made homemade harrisa paste
– added brown rice to make it more satiating
– substituted soy nuts for the pine nuts

Note on the nuts: We love pine nuts but they were nowhere to be found at the store.  The vegan husband and I were together at the grocer’s when he made what would turn out to be a great suggestion, substituting soy for the pine. It gave this silky soup a nice crunchy texture. Not only are soy nuts (roasted soy beans) a tasty treat, but they also contain phytochemicals and are high in protein and fiber.  Like other nuts though, the calorie count is high with about 120 calories per one ounce serving. We topped our soup with these nuggets in moderation.

I don’t think you will be disappointed with this beauty. It’s quick and easy to put together and very satisfying.

Figuring out the first word in each scramble makes life so much easier.  Please leave a comment…