Whether you are a novice or a seasoned health and wellness junkie, it’s always beneficial to brush up on your sport and nutrition knowledge. Test your IQ with this fun review of articles posted in this blog. Clicking on the correct answer leads to the related post. Other answers prompt you to try again!

Part I: Exercise

1) According to many fitness organizations, which exercise is considered a high-risk or controversial move?

A.  Squat
B.  Overhead press
C.  Upright row

2) The rotational chop exercise works the abdominal muscles with an emphasis on which ones in particular?

A.  Rectus abdominis
B.  Obliques
C.  Transverse abdominis

3) For acute and chronic injuries, the following is recommended

A.  Heat
B.  Stretching
C.  R.I.C.E.

4) Tendon injuries are often the result of

A.  Lifting heavy weights
B.  Overuse syndrome
C.  Previous injuries

5) Which one of these is a classic sign of overtraining:

A.  Increase in physical performance
B.  Loss of muscle strength and coordination
C.  Increase in appetite

6) Knowing the opposing muscles is important for proper training. The opposing bicep muscles are

A.  Forearm muscles
B.  Pectoralis muscles
C.  Triceps muscles

7) One exercise that can counteract the negative side effects of sitting for too long is

A.  Kettle bell swing
B.  Chest Press
C.  Hammer curl

8) Neglecting this muscle can result in its weakness and that puts you at high risk for serious injuries like shoulder impingement

A.  Biceps
B.  Rear deltoid
C.  Serratus anterior

9) This lower body exercise naturally and instantaneously puts your body into proper form, is almost error-proof and is easy to master

A.  Lunges
B.  Goblet Squat
C.  Bridge

10) Arms are comprised of about

A.  1/3 biceps and 2/3 triceps
B.  2/3 biceps and 1/3 triceps
C.  1/2 biceps and 1/2 triceps

Part II: Nutrition

11) For vegans and vegetarians this vitamin can only be obtained through the consumption of fortified foods and or dietary supplements

A.  Vitamin B12
B.  Vitamin A
C.  Vitamin E

12) A good source of Vitamin B12 is

A.  Nutritional Yeast
B.  Brewer’s yeast
C.  Baker’s yeast

13) Vitamin K is essential for blood clotting and needed for the synthesis of bone protein.  A good source of this vitamin is

A.  Bananas
B.  Kale
C.  Asparagus

14) This mineral is needed for immune system health, helps make protein and DNA, heals wounds, helps with taste and smell and is essential for the proper growth of young children

A.  Potassium
B.  Zinc
C.  Iron

15) Pseudograins are seeds high in protein, fiber and trace minerals. An example of a pseudograin is

A.  Amaranth
B.  Wheat
C.  Farro

16) One of the most controversial posts in the blog was the Vegan Husband’s Got Controversy? In it, it states that a cow produces how any cups of milk a day?

A.  60
B.  90
C.  120

17) Hemp is

A.  Only legal in California
B.  A good source of vitamin C
C.  Rich in Omega -3 and -6 fatty acids

18) Miso is a good example of a

A.  Spice
B.  Fermented food
C.  An essential mineral

19) A good plant-based source of calcium is

A.  Milk
B.  Teff
C.  Spinach

20) We all eat differently in my household and strive to make healthy decisions. In my favorite article that he wrote, the vegan husband ate what off the deck floor on Memorial Day weekend?

A.  Hot dog
B.  Sausage
C.  Chicken wing

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