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Note:   2010 called and it wants its website back.  I will be working on a new look, so this site will be down in the coming weeks.  I leave you with a great post from the hubby that I think may resonate with many. See you soon and thank you for following!

In the almost six years that I’ve been writing about the forks-over-knives lifestyle, I feel that I have been an above-average advocate for veganish eating.  I have chosen kale over kebabs, soy over sirloin. I have turned my nose up at a pulled pork sandwich.

But not always.

That’s because I am known in dieting parlance as a flexitarian.  I was labelled as such in this space earlier this month.  And I’m totally fine with it now that I know what a flexitarian is.

Several sources on the internet cited Dawn Jackson Blatner’s book, The Flexitarian Diet, for a definition.  Essentially, it’s a plant-based diet with occasional meat and fish.  Some sources mentioned the conscious addition of more fruits, grains, and vegetables, while others talked about limiting processed foods.  No matter what source you trust, it’s got me pegged.

And that’s bothersome.

I feel like I should be able to adopt the vegan way of eating 100%.  But I can’t. If I don’t bring my lunch to work, there may not be a vegan option in the cafeteria, or, if there is, I may not like it.  I don’t think of myself as a picky eater, yet there are definitely some foods that I just won’t eat. If I skip lunch, things will go off the rails in the afternoon.  And, by “off the rails” I mean “toward the vending machine.”

So, for fun, let’s assume there is always a vegan option available to me.  Would I then be able to make the leap to veganism? In theory, yes. In reality, maybe not. Below is a list of foods that, for now, keep me a flexitarian.


Although it doesn’t have quite the hold over me that it once did, cheese would be hard to walk away from.  Growing up, we only had American cheese, provolone, and Crackerbarrel cheddar in the house. The Crackerbarrel was for putting on crackers when company came over.  The American was for grilled cheese sandwiches. The provolone was for making a sandwich that had meat in it. I could give up American cheese today, but a cheese that has great flavor is like a completely different food.

When I think about not eating cheese, the first thing that comes to mind is pizza. Pizza is something that I couldn’t give up. We eat cheeseless pizza, but I would prefer a pie whose crust can barely support the cheese on top.


I could try listing all the types of fish that I like, but it would be easier to list the ones that I don’t like.  And, I’m just telling you, it’s a pretty short list.

In a restaurant, fish is usually my go-to.  Aside from the mercury worry, fish does not get much bad publicity.  You don’t hear about people getting obese or high cholesterol from eating too much fish.  If restaurants had five solid vegan meals (not including salad), I could probably avoid fish.  Until then, give me some salmon, scallops, or shrimp.


I’m not someone to order a couple of fried or scrambled eggs at the diner, but eggs are in a lot of things that I like.  Pancakes and waffles are high on my list, but they could both be made with egg replacers. Let’s just say there are lot of dessert items that are made with eggs that would make my sweet tooth cry if it didn’t get any.


I lump these birds together as they are another restaurant go-to.  Especially at lunchtime. We don’t buy chicken or turkey at home, but if we’re travelling, and it could be a long time until the next meal, a chicken or turkey sandwich is often my option.  Still, the chicken and turkey we end up eating don’t get treated well and that weighs on me.


There are some households that have ice cream in the freezer all the time. They might even have more than one kind. I might only have ice cream ten times a year. But to stand up and say, “That’s it, no more ice cream for me….” Whoa. I think a shiver just went up my spine.


Think of all your classic salads: tuna, potato, egg, pasta, lobster, chicken. What’s the common denominator? Mayonnaise is not the best thing to put in your body, but they are starting to make healthier mayo options, so maybe there is hope.


I’m kind of a bacon snob.  At home, right off the frying pan, with the aroma to go with it, you’ve got me.  Under different circumstances, for me, bacon starts to lose its appeal pretty quickly.  Sausage is kind of the same thing. There are times when I prefer sausage to bacon, and other times when it just turns up in something, and I say, “Oh, what’s this doing here?”  Bacon and sausage could be the first ones to drop off this list.

Is a flexitarian diet right for you?    Please leave a message…