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Recently, I was discussing with a friend the changes in my eating habits that have progressed over the last three years.  His response to my whole foods, plant-based, nutrient dense lifestyle was,  “food was meant to be enjoyed.”   The perception that eating this way is somehow lacking in taste and fulfillment is a perception I aim to change!
In the recipes section you will find a variety of dishes (raw, cooked, vegetarian and vegan), super foods,  my miscellaneous thoughts, and the hits and misses (I’ve had a lot of those) that I have made over the years.  Plus, a whole lot more that you won’t want to miss.
In order for a successful transition, my suggestion is to ease into these changes.  Adding foods to your menu, like a big ol daily salad or a veggie in your spaghetti sauce, will leave you feeling less deprived than if you were to go barreling into this. Eventually, the healthy food choices will take over the less healthy ones.  Your palate will change and the processed foods that dominate your life will be a distant memory.

The exercises presented are aimed for the masses.   My goal is to get as many people possible living as healthy and fit as possible. That means different levels for different people.
Too often I see the gym filled with members who incorrectly use the machines and equipment.  That opens up the door for injury and eventually a cease in exercise.  As time goes, the exercises presented here will progress from beginner to advanced for both the gym and at home.   Check out the Anatomy and kinesiology sections as well.  It’s not overly detailed…just the major muscles used along with the patterns I’ve discovered to keep you in proper form.  Let’s take out the gym intimidation factor and show the world who you!

PS…more pictures on all posts and pages forthcoming.


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